Every now and then I think I’m going to stop doing this website. It’ll be five years in April (happy early anniversary). I’m not retired, so all of this gets done before I dash to work, sometimes at night, and always on the weekends. But then something magical happens: someone out there email subscribes and I get a notice telling me that one more person likes the site enough to tolerate one email a week on Friday morning. In that email? Columns from Stephanie Mott, Dave Hughes, Rod Hensel, Lee Lynch, the Savvy Senior and others. Book and film reviews from Terri Schlichenmeyer and Sue Katz. New Interviews, and my fabulous weekly co-hosted podcast with Rick Rose, The Twist.

It may seem silly, but those lonely emails telling me there’s another subscriber are what make me want to jump up and give you more. Try harder. Make the site more interesting in some way. We’re up to 265 now, and I would consider it a milestone to hit 300.

If you enjoy the site, please consider email subscribing (HERE), and spreading the word. Traffic is nice, but email subscribers let me know you’re out there, and you value what I and the contributors are doing with the site. It will always be free, and it will always embrace age and celebrate life. – Mark McNease/Editor