Featured Book: The Sodden Sailor (A Nick Williams Mystery Book 11), by Frank W. Butterfield

This week’s Featured Book sees author Frank W. Butterfield returning with #11 in the Nick Williams Mystery series. Note: Frank will be a guest on the upcoming, new Aged to Perfection podcast, familiar to LGBTSr readers and subscribers for our interviews with artists, authors, activists and everyday fabulous people. Listen for Frank and other great guests starting summer, 2017. 

The Sodden Sailor (A Nick Williams Mystery Book 11)
Frank W. Butterfield
Print Length: 330 pages
Publication Date: May 29, 2017

Sunday, February 6, 1955

It’s Sunday night and Nick has decided he wants to get back in the kitchen to make a couple of pans of lasagna for dinner, something he hasn’t done since he and Carter moved into the big pile of rocks on Nob Hill.

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Author Michael Craft Wins First Prize in Palm Springs Writers Guild Short Story Competition

Author Michael Craft, well known for his Mark Manning mysteries and his recent novel in stories Inside Dumont, claimed first prize in the Palm Springs Writers Guild shorty story competition for 2017 with his short story Mister Puss (now available on Amazon).

Craft subsequently read his story at the Guild’s awards program on May 6.

About Mister Puss

Mary Questman, a wealthy widow, talks to her cat. But when Mister Puss starts talking back, Mary wonders if it’s time to take stock of her marbles. Is she losing her mind? Or is the cat, in fact, conversing with her? Just when she decides on a rational explanation, the chatty Mister Puss raises serious doubts. In a short story that can be read in 20 minutes, Michael Craft delivers not only laughs and surprises, but ample food for thought.

Featured Book: Genuine Gold (Cantor Gold Series Book 3), by Ann Aptaker

This week’s Featured Book reacquaints us with mystery maestro Ann Aptaker as she continues her award-winning Cantor Gold series. Genuine Gold is the highly anticipated third outing for this irrepressible sleuth, and there’s a fourth on the way. You can also read my interview with the author here.

About Genuine Gold:

Series: Cantor Gold (Book 3)
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (January 17, 2017)

New York, 1952. From the shadowy docks of Athens, Greece, to the elegance of a Fifth Avenue penthouse, to the neon glare of Coney Island, art smuggler Cantor Gold must track down an ancient artifact, elude thugs and killers, protect a beautiful woman who caters to Cantor’s deepest desires, and confront the honky-tonk past which formed her. Memories, murder, passion, and the terrible longing for her stolen love tangle in Cantor’s soul, threatening to tear her apart.

Lee Lynch’s ‘Rainbow Gap’ Receives Stellar Review from Lesbian Reading Room

51snr4a2qulLee Lynch’s recently released and highly anticipated Rainbow Gap is receiving the praise it deserves. The following is re-printed with permission from Lesbian Reading Room.

Rainbow Gap, Lee Lynch

Review by Velvet Lounger

Sometimes it is hard to write a review because you can’t find the words, in this case it’s hard to find words big enough to describe such an epic tale. Set in Florida in the 50’s and 60’s Lee Lynch has constructed a story that creates a movie style landscape in your mind.

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Featured Book: Gay and Lesbian Ghost Stories, by Antonio R. Garcez

512fj0dyyl-_sx329_bo1204203200_-1You’ll have a very spooky Christmas with this fascinating look at ghostly encounters of the gay and lesbian kind. Supernatural phenomenon are recounted through interviews with LGBT individuals from across the United States sharing their first-hand experiences with the other side, each one offering a compelling personal experience you’ll have to read to believe. read more…

Book Review: Brief Histories of Everyday Objects, by Andy Warner

brief-histories-of-everyday-objectsThe Bookworm Sez
Terri Slichenmeyer

“Brief Histories of Everyday Objects” by Andy Warner
c.2016, Picador  $20.00 / $28.00 Canada  209 pages

Imagine the first person who created a toothbrush.

Better yet – imagine life before a toothbrush. Think about it: getting your mouth minty-fresh wasn’t exactly easy with twigs or rags. Same things with clean hair, unspoiled leftovers, unsmelly bathrooms, or cool gamepieces, as you’ll see in “Brief Histories of Everyday Objects” by Andy Warner.

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Literary Icon Lee Lynch’s New ‘Rainbow Gap’ Set for Release December 1

Photo by Sue Hardesty

Photo by Sue Hardesty

This one’s an immediate ‘want to read’ for anyone who loves great storytelling (and good gifting, too, those holidays are coming fast).

Lee Lynch’s Amazon Trail columns have brought monthly pleasure to readers of lgbtSr for several years now. Lee Lynch is a trailblazer, multiple award winner, and the namesake of the Golden Crown Literary Society’s annual Lee Lynch Classic Award.

Her new book, Rainbow Gap, will be available December 1, so save that date!

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Book Review: Faithful: A Novel, by Alice Hoffman

thumbnail_faithfulThe Bookworm Sez
Terri Schlichenmeyer

“Faithful: A Novel” by Alice Hoffman
c.2016, Simon & Schuster   $26.00 / $35.00 Canada
272 pages

The best years of your life.

That’s what people tell you about high school. Remember those days, they say. They’ll be the best of your life. But zits, mean girls, broken dreams, and broken friends aren’t exactly best. Sometimes in high school, as in the new book “Faithful” by Alice Hoffman, the very worst things can happen.

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