The Savvy Senior: Best Bicycles for Aging Baby Boomers

By Jim Miller

Dear Savvy Senior,
My husband and I are interested in getting a couple of bicycles for leisurely exercise and fun, and would like to get your recommendation. We’re both approaching 60 and are a little overweight, and it’s been a while since we rode.
Easy Riders

Dear Easy,
If you’re interested in leisurely, recreational riding for fitness and fun, a great option is a “comfort bike,” which is very popular among baby boomers. Here’s what you should know about this option, along with some tips to help you shop and choose.

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Lee Lynch’s Amazon Trail: A Tenth Anniversary at Sea

Photo by Sue Hardesty

By Lee Lynch

We had every intention of being homebodies this year. No travel at all, just a year to save our pennies and get grounded. It’s been delicious. After several months of staying in our little coastal home, my mind is sharper, my sleep schedule is approaching normal, and I’ve got a good start on my next book.

Then, something just as wonderful happened. The publishers of Sapphire Books invited us to be part of “Literary Adventures at Sea,” a program they put together with Olivia Cruises, which is being sponsored by Curve Magazine. I admit that I cried when we were asked. Two of our best friends urged us to join them. My sweetheart and I never ever dreamed we could go on a cruise. This one is sailing the inland passage of Alaska. Alaska! Growing up my parents’ apartment in Queens, I never thought I’d travel farther than Manhattan.

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One Thing or Another: Straws and Camels

It’s always One Thing or Another … a lighthearted look at aging, life, and the absurdities of it all.

By Mark McNease

There are shadows overhead for all of us, and we sometimes live our lives as if those shadows will suddenly grow larger and darker as something dreadful finally swoops down to take us away. But we can choose another way.

I can’t name a specific date and time, but at some point the past few months I stopped paying attention to the news beyond what I need to stay informed. Is there a significant natural disaster nearby I need to know about? Has a foreign invader breached our northern shores? Have scientists discovered that drinking eight cups of coffee a day leads to a long life or that it causes permanent memory loss? There’s the local political stuff I want to know about, like who the next governor of New Jersey might be, even though I haven’t registered yet to vote here, and which dismal choice I’ll have to make next year for health insurance. But the overall big picture, the cloud of dread and anxiety that is our current 24/7 news cycle? I just can’t indulge in it anymore. Very little of it uplifts me and much of it depresses me. It’s as if, given the possibility we are not living in the end times, we’ve collectively decided to make it appear as if we are, like that Buck Owens and Roy Clark song I remember from Hee Haw, “Gloom, despair, and agony on me …”

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The Savvy Senior: How to Hire a Home Helper

By Jim Miller

Dear Savvy Senior,
I would like to hire a personal assistant/home helper for my mom to assist with some simple household chores like house keeping, errand running, driving her to the doctor, and keeping her company. But mom doesn’t require personal/physical caregiving nor does she require any home medical care. Any tips to help us find someone?
Looking for Mom

Dear Looking,
Getting your mom some help at home to handle some of her household chores can make a big difference keeping her independent longer. Here’s what you should know, along with some tips to help you find someone reliable for your mom.

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Book Review: The Ada Decades, by Paula Martinac

By Terri Schlichenmeyer
The Bookworm Sez

“The Ada Decades” by Paula Martinac
c.2017, Bywater Books    $15.95 / higher in Canada
165 pages

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Your grandmother used to warn you not to wish your life away. The years pass quickly enough, she said, so hold each minute. Savor what you have. Enjoy your days, months, years, and “The Ada Decades” by Paula Martinac.

Ada’s daddy needed help around the house.

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Gay Travelers Magazine: ‘A Celebration of Friends’ Celebrates Mature Gay Men

This interview is reprinted with permission from Gay Travelers Magazine, one of America’s premiere LGBT travel guides. Making travel plans for the year? Be sure to check out their Cruise Spotlight, International Spotlight, USA Spotlight, Nudist and Naturist, Florida Spotlight and much more. – Mark/Editor

By Steven Skelley and Thomas Routzong

Italian poet Cesare Pavese said, “The closing years of life are like the end of a masquerade party, when the masks are dropped.” Many gay men find liberation in their mature years. They can be themselves, enjoy each other’s company and bask in the attentions of those who are attracted to maturity.

For more than a dozen years, A Celebration of Friends has offered events where mature gay men are celebrated.

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Dave Hughes: Is Your Retirement a Destination, or a Journey?

Dave Hughes

Editor’s note: I’m very pleased to be able to once again share Dave Hughes’ outstanding columns and advice on retiring and retirement. You can read his previous columns on LGBTSR here. – Mark

By Dave Hughes

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote, “Life is a journey, not a destination” has been appropriated and adapted for many purposes, and it definitely applies to retirement. Retirement is a part of life, after all.

If you’re like many people, throughout your working years you have probably viewed your retirement as a destination. For decades, it was a goal you saved for and hoped to reach one day. But once you achieve this goal, then what? Is that all?

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The Savvy Senior: Social Security Advice for Soon-To-Be Retirees

By Jim Miller

Dear Savvy Senior,

Can you recommend any services that help pre-retirees decide when to start drawing their Social Security benefits? My wife and I are approaching retirement age and want to carefully weigh our options to make sure we’re maximizing our benefits.
Approaching Retirement

Dear Approaching,
Deciding when to begin collecting your Social Security benefits could be one of the most important retirement-income decisions you’ll make. The difference between a good decision and a poor one could cost you tens of thousands of dollars over your retirement, so doing your homework and weighing your options now is a wise move.  read more…





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